Neat Tricks

"Neat Tricks" you can do with SOLIDNAPKIN 2019


--> Neat trick #1: Try this, use your whiteboard to start sketching out an idea, then digitize it with the SOLIDNAPKIN app, and bring it into SolidWorks to instantly begin working on your idea that seconds before you drew on the whiteboard! #whiteboardcad


--> Neat trick #2: Try this, tired of loosing your redline markups? Put on your manager hat and redline a printed copy of your SolidWorks drawing (use a red pen), then digitize it with the SOLIDNAPKIN app, and bring it into the same SolidWorks drawing file (yes, we fully support Napkin2Drawing™ too!), now anyone who opens the sw drawing later will see your redline markups! #managerhat


--> Neat trick #3: Try this, in your next design review meeting, or ECO meeting, pull out the SOLIDNAPKIN app and digitize a few photos of the whiteboard, freehand sketches, and even powerpoint slides in the meeting (anything that might help the designer start the project). Then transfer them into the top-level assembly inside SolidWorks so they will be ready for the designer when they start the project! #bettermeetings


--> Neat trick #4: Try this, are you a QA inspector? Next time you are walking around the shop floor, capture and digitize real manufacturing photos of your product defects and QA issues with the SOLIDNAPKIN app, then send them to SolidWorks so they'll get caught on the next revision! #fixitnow


--> Neat trick #5: Sketch a design concept, then use AssemblyNAPKIN™ to break it apart into multiple real SolidWorks parts. Now you can test the range of motion of your idea instantly. #testit


--> Neat trick #6: Don't carry around a tape measure in your pocket 24/7? No problem, there's one attached to your hand. Introducing our proprietary FingerRuler™ technology, now you can use your fingers to measure any part simply by holding it! #fingerruler

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